Imagine - Harry Styles part 6

You and harry were standing there embracing each other trying to show to that whore that harry and you were together. did she not see harry hugging you? you gave her the death stare, so did everybody else.

"what are you doing here, jaz?" harry spoke, dark and sharp to her. she moved closer to harry, you pulled away.

"oh you know, visiting my lastest crush," she said, sexy and lurring to harry. as she moved towards harry, harry moved back and towards you.

"can’t you see, that i was drunk, and what we did didnt mean anything, i have a beautiful girlfriend standing right beside me and you cant see that?" he said, with you blushing, "please leave jaz, your not welcome." you eyed jaz, she eyed you. 

"oh thats your girlfriend, you didnt mention to her that when we got it on," she continued, "didn’t you tell her that we … you know, had sex?" she laughed. 

"what? no, he didnt mention that, no one did." you said shocked, and sort of hurt. he had sex with her!? how could he!? well, he was drunk and he probably didn’t know if he did it either. 

"what!? we never had sex, don’t believe her y/n, there is no way we did that, i wasn’t that drunk you whore!" harry said yelling, louis, and others started to awkwardly walk away behind the door  but i think they still listened in. 

"oh there is a way, straight after the club, we hit it off at mine," she laughed. 

"no it cant be, harry please tell me this really isnt true," you pleaded, starting to cry. harry and you just made up, and you thought everything would be fine, but it turns out it isn’t.

"no this isnt true, i would of remember, i only remembered the nibbling, and fiddling nothing else! y/n, please trust me, jaz, you need to leave, your lies are causing to much pain for all of us. leave now, or i will call security." harry said sounding madder then ever. she started to head out the door, but before we went, she turned and said;

"oh and i forgot to mention, im pregant, with your baby." she smirked. your eyes went wide, maybe they did have sex? no, it cant be. harry would never.

"and whats your proof?" harry screamed.

"come to the doctors tomorrow morning at 9, and then you will get your proof, daddy." she winked and walked out. you were starting to tear up. its couldnt be true. harry slid down the wall, putting his face in his hands.

"no no no, this can’t be fucking true, i would never, i wouldnt go that far. fuck y/n, if this is true, im so fucking sorry, i have screwed up even worse, please dont leave again." harry said crying in his hands. you felt bad, she might of being lying like harry said, but harry was drunk, he couldn’t help it. but you know he wouldn’t of gone that far. 

"harry, dont worry, i wont be leaving you over this, she is lying i know it, you wouldn’t of done this, i know you." you said patting his head and helping him up, wiping his tears off his face. 

"hey hey, cheer up, please, i have to go to the doctors now, to get my crutches off, wanna take me?" you said, smiling through the pain of just before. trying to forget it. harry smiled and nodded, took you to his car, the paparazzi were still around the house and there was so many girl chasing after us. it took a while for you to get your crutches, and plaster off you but it was worth the wait. you were feeling much better, less sore and you loved walking again. you and harry got home and he asked you if you would stay over. of course you said yes. the whole night, you and harry hugged. you could tell that harry was worried and he could tell that you were too. you couldnt get to sleep the whole night. you were just nervous to find out if jaz’s baby was really harrys. it haunted you thinking of it. 


you woke up from only 2 hours of sleep. you were nervous. you and harry ate breakfast together and got ready together. it was 8.15 already. so you and harry headed out and not speaking the whole car ride. you started thinking bad thoughts and you started to cry, harry comforted you. you arrived at the doctors. you and harry hugged each other in the car, hoping for the best. you hoped out of the car, and once you got to the front of the door you stopped harry and said;

"whatever happens, i will never leave you, and i hope you do the same," you said.

"of course, i love you." harry smiled leaning in for a kiss, and in between the kiss you said "i love you too." after the kiss, you and harry looked at each other, held each others hand and walked in…


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